Kids and violence; the invisible school experience

Kids and violence; the invisible school experience




Kids and violence; the invisible school experience.

Title main entry. Ed. by Catherine N. Dulmus and Karen M. Sowers.

Haworth Pr., [c]2004

197 p.


Working from the convictions that school violence is often covert, and that adults responsible for the safety of children may be perpetuating violence through their silence or support of an inherently violent system, contributors present the results of their recent studies, including analyses of bullies and victims by gender and grade, observations of school violence by school personnel, and a description of the role of parents. Studies also show how bullying relates to delinquency, how schools’ physical environments may be a factor, and the role of dating-related violence. Contributors offer a solution-focused approach to crisis intervention and a survey of school-based violence prevention programs.

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