Diasporic Writing and the Teaching of Literary Studies

Transcultural Graffiti: Diasporic Writing and the Teaching of Literary Studies



Transcultural graffiti; diasporic writing and the teaching of literary studies.

West-Pavlov, Russell. (Internationale forschungen zur allgemeinen und vergleichenden literaturwissenschaft; 87)

Editions Rodopi, [c]2005

243 p.

$70.00 (pa)

Drawing heavily on seminars he has taught in Britain and German over the past decade, West-Pavlov (English literature, Free U. of Berlin), explores how some texts engage with the questions of writing, identity, and belonging in the contemporary space of the nation, a space that has become increasingly porous and at the same time constantly reinstitutes its border in new ways in response to the steeply rising flows of people across national boundaries. Among his topics are transcultural texts in the classroom, teaching nomadism, teaching Australian Indigenous oral narrative, and New York poets on 9/11. He does not provide an index.

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