Conjuring Hitler; how Britain and America made the Third Reich

Conjuring Hitler; how Britain and America made the Third Reich


Conjuring Hitler; how Britain and America made the Third Reich.

Preparata, Guido Giacomo.

Pluto Press


311 pages




Exploring the genesis of the German Nazis, Preparata (political economy, U. of Washington) makes the rather extraordinary argument that the Nazis and the war they so disastrously plunged Europe into were in fact the successful end product of long standing intrigue on the part of the elites of the British Empire to prevent a feared “Eurasian embrace” between Germany and Russia that would pose a great danger to British power. In sum, he argues that Britain began WWI as an attempt to break German political and economic structures. When this failed, Britain conspired to bring to power a reactionary regime that could be prodded into a two-front war in the West and against Russia, which itself had experienced British installation of the Bolsheviks in pursuit of this wider goal. The British and colluding American elites engaged in a complex economic gambit that had the premeditated purpose of providing the political preconditions necessary for the germination of the Nazis and their eventual rise to state power. The history of WWII, as well, is the result of this grand scheme, with the British feigning a lack of commitment to the Western Front (and keeping the Americans out) in order to lure the Germans into the trap of the Eastern Front, which allowed the Anglo- Americans to annihilate the German threat once and for all. Distributed in the US by the U. of Michigan Press.

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