A Student Encyclopedia, 5 vols.

World War II: A Student Encyclopedia, 5 vols.




World War II; a student encyclopedia; 5v.

Title main entry. Ed. by Spencer C. Tucker.

ABC-CLIO, [c]2005

1795 p.


This five-volume set contains some 1,200 entries prepared by a roster of 270 international contributors. The subtitle declares this a “student encyclopedia,” but there’s nothing condescending about the articles or their presentation (no glossy color photos or boxed features); instead, this is a solid reference for a general audience, with a decent selection of maps and photos in b & w. After a section of 15 general maps (included in each volume), the first volume presents three overview essays on the origins and legacy of the war. Following are the alphabetically arranged entries covering the major theaters, the campaigns, individual battles major weapons systems, diplomatic conferences, and key individuals, as well as the war’s historiographical controversies and major turning points, and life on the home front. Entries are signed and include references and cross-references. The fifth volume presents a selection of important documents representing the pre-war period through the aftermath. Edited by Spencer C. Tucker (history, emeritus, Virginia Military Institute); Priscilla Mary Roberts (history, U. of Hong Kong) assisted with the documents volume.

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