A History, 600 A.D. to 1258 A.D

Classical Islam: A History, 600 A.D. to 1258 A.D




Classical Islam; a history, 600 A.D. to 1258 A.D. (reprint, 1970)

Von Grunebaum, G.E. Trans. by Katherine Watson.

Aldine/Transaction, [c]2005

243 p.

$29.95 (pa)

The fall of Baghdad and the ‘Abbasid caliphate to the Mongols in 1258, says historian and Islamic scholar Grunebaum (1909-1972), made clear to Muslims that for some centuries Islam had become a strong enough community that it no longer needed a unified caliphate to provide a political and religious center, and a new era of Islam dawned. In his account of Islam from its beginning until then, he chooses a smooth narrative over the identification of every bit of evidence.

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