Squirrel away your allowance

Squirrel away your allowance – instructions for making an oatmeal container bank with a brown-paper squirrel sitting on top

Hoard your spare change in this easy-to-make bank.

What You Need

* colored paper, brown bag or wrapping paper

* thin cardboard (from cereal box)

* scissors

* crayons, markers, or paint

* 42 oz. oatmeal container with lid and 12 oz. frozen-juice can (or 18 oz. container and 6 oz. juice can)

* glue

* rubber band

To Make the Bank

1. For the tree stump, cut a piece of brown paper to fit around the oatmeal container. Draw a bark pattern on the paper or try painting with a piece of sponge. Let the paint dry.

2. Wrap the sheet of “bark” around the container and glue it in place.

3. Trace around the container lid onto colored paper to make the top of the stump. Cut out the circle, draw tree rings on it, and glue it to the lid.

4. Glue on some dried leaves if you wish.

5. Have an adult cut a coin slot in the top of the lid near the edge, as shown in the photo.

To Make the Squirrel

1. Cut a piece of brown paper big enough to fit around the juice can. Glue it in place.

2. Trace around the bottom of the can to make two circles on the colored paper. Glue one circle onto the bottom of the can.

3. To make the squirrel’s face, cut out paper ears, eyes, and nose. Glue these to the other circle. Then glue the face onto the can as shown in the photo.

4. Cut out paper arms and legs in the shapes shown below. Glue in place on the can.

5. To make the tail, cut a long strip of thin cardboard. Then cut out two tail shapes (see below) from colored paper. Glue a paper tail to each side of the cardboard strip. Cut fringes along the outside edge to make the tail bushy.

6. Glue the tail to the back of the can. Hold it in place with a rubber band while the glue dries. Then curl the tail tip.

Now glue the squirrel on top of the stump to guard your stash of cash!

COPYRIGHT 1997 National Wildlife Federation

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