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Snacks and snackers

Snacks and snackers – animal life in rainforest bromeliad pools

Bromeliad pools make great snack bars for lots of different animals. For example, see those mosquito larvas? (top) The larvas munch on mini-meals living in the bromeliad’s pool. And the larvas get munched on by bigger animals.

Other young animals find plenty to eat in these pools too. Crabs, beetles, amphibians, and other creatures raise their young in bromeliads. This red-eyed tree frog (above), for example, is laying her eggs in a bromeliad pool.

The alligator lizard below is crawling around on top of a flowering bromeliad. Why? It’s peeking between the plant’s red leaves, looking for tiny insects. When it finds one, it’s munch time!

Ants such as the one at right can easily hide between the overlapping bromeliad leaves. Many different kinds of ants also live in the roots, stems, and branches of bromeliads. Some really fierce kinds protect the plants by attacking creatures that eat the plants.

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