Searchfeed releases geo-targeting tool

Searchfeed releases geo-targeting tool

Nettie Hartsock, a

pay-per-click search advertising provider, has released a new geo-targeting tool

to give advertisers ‘cross-continent’ ad reach in regard to providing access to

their products and services via foreign markets. Brian Brickley, content

distribution manager, noted, “This tool will expand what an advertiser can do if

they’ve got products unique to the European market. It gives them the option of

removing sources if they’re not getting good traffic, or adding more as they’re

getting more traffic.” The countries advertisers can pick from currently include

France, Germany, Italy and Spain.


“Our network has historically been focused on serving the United States

and other English speaking countries,” stated Rachel Lyubovitzky, market

research analyst at “However, as the PPC industry expands within

the global economy, we are focused on aligning our strategies with our

advertisers’ needs, providing them with a broader span of outlets to market

their products and services.” has the new geo-targeting technology on exhibit at this

week’s interactive advertising trade show, AD-Tech, November 8-9th

at the New York Hilton Exhibit Hall, Booth 240.


The new tool can

be accessed through the advertiser interface under the “Campaign

Reach” section. Advertisers with products or services appropriate for European

markets can opt-in to the list of countries currently on the


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