ImageGear 14 offers PDF editing capabilities

ImageGear 14 offers PDF editing capabilities

Don Fluckinger

Developers creating custom imaging applications

can now tap into PDF editing and text extraction features written into ImageGear 14 Professional, the latest update to the long-standing

AccuSoft imaging

toolkit. Two other varieties of the software ImageGear MD and ImageGear for .NET, offer tools specific to .NET and medical software



“These new releases allow developers to

dramatically reduce the time to prototype and deliver working applications,

providing them with a faster time-to-market advantage,” says Ian Lee, vice

president of Customer Services, AccuSoft Corporation. “By working in close

partnership with the leading technology companies in the industry, including

Adobe, ScanSoft, and Captiva, we are also

able to ensure that our customers are able to incorporate support for the best

and most pervasive products, technologies and industry standards in the market

both today and in the future.”

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