Electric Rain ports Swift 3D wares to the Mac OSX

Electric Rain ports Swift 3D wares to the Mac OSX

Joanne Cummings


Rain announced that both

Swift 3D Version 4.0 and Swift 3D Xpress are now

available for the Mac OSX platform.


Swift 3D is a

stand-alone application that lets designers build and export vector and

raster-based 3D animations to the Macromedia Flash (SWF) file format, as well as

other popular formats. Swift 3D Xpress is a plug-in for Flash that lets

designers convert 2D artwork and text to 3D animations, without having to leave

the Flash interface.


The move offers designers on the Mac OSX unprecedented flexibility, the

company said. “Swift 3D now allows designers using Mac OS X to quickly and

easily output professional-quality 3D animations, while providing unlimited room

for growth through its new advanced modeling environment,” said Mike Soucie,

President of Electric Rain.


Swift 3D Version

4.0 for Mac OSX costs $189, while the Swift 3D Xpress plug-in costs $129.

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