Dakota aims Transform EZ at mid-market insurance firms

Dakota aims Transform EZ at mid-market insurance firms

Joanne Cummings

Dakota Imaging announced a smaller

version of its Transform data capture and transaction processing system designed

for small and midsize medical insurance firms.

Called Transform EZ, the system lets

companies automate much of their claims processing tasks without having to make

an inordinate initial investment, the company said.

The product includes several features

previously available only with the larger, more expensive Transform product.

These include:

* A scanning site that allows the

intake of images from one or multiple scanners.

* Image processing to enhance image

readability, including noise removal, deskew and despeckling.

* Optical character recognition (OCR)

using Transform IQServer.

* Support for business rules using

Dakota?s Decision Server, plus inline rules at the point of verification.

* A verification site that performs

data clean-up and data entry.

* The automated creation of a standard

data and imaging index file.

* Automated data capture and processing

for the industry?s standard HCFA and UB-92 forms.

* Image-only workflow to scan,

auto-index and store images.

* A Transform Manager, which includes

operation reports, productivity reports, and system administration functions.

* The ability to maintain, create and

add new forms with the use of Design Studio.

Transform EZ runs on a Windows 2000

Server and requires 80GB or more of HDD and 1GB of RAM. As document processing

volumes scale, those requirements will likely increase, the company


Available March 1, Transform EZ

uses volume-based pricing. On average, an organization that processes a

volume of 10,000 documents per day would pay approximately $250,000 for software

and $150,000 for services, the company said. For more information, visit Dakota


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