CIP4 announces second wave of JDF expert courses

CIP4 announces second wave of JDF expert courses

Don Fluckinger

JDF is the hot acronym right now among those who

work with PDF for print–as well it should be, as it’s the technical language

that keeps a print job’s specifics embedded in a PDF as it works its way from

design to the press.


But how does one go about harnessing the power

of JDF in his or her print shop? CIP4 and the IPA announced that

they are commencing a second round of 13-session

JDF Web courses later this

month via live webinars and via archived Video 24/7 on-demand access.


“This is the only program that provides the

breadth and depth of topics that will enable us to successfully implement a JDF

workflow,” says Dave Ohlmacher from Standard Register, a graduate of the first

wave of courses.

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