What every mother should know about snack time

What every mother should know about snack time

Mothers often ask me “What should my child snack on?” My answer: fruit Fruit gives children the balance of fiber and natural sugars–to keep their brains and bodies energized. With gimmicky, fake foods it’s hard for kids to make simple, natural food choices. This is why I love Stretch Island Fruit Leathers. They contain 100% fruit with no added sugars or preservatives. And, its clever packaging attracts even finicky kids.

According to the National Diabetes and Dietetic Association, one fruit leather is the equivalent of one piece of fruit. My daughter has enjoyed Stretch Island Fruit Leathers since age one. But they’re not just for kids. Keep them on hand for a pick-me-up, you’ll get the natural sugars you need to avoid feeling cranky. There are 13 flavors including Organic Grape, Raspberry, Truly Tropical and More.


* Steer clear of processed foods and additives: Processed foods offer little in nutritional value; they’re more likely to trigger health problems in children.

* Eat food close to its natural state: You can’t go wrong with fresh fruit, raw nuts un-sulfured dried fruit or fresh ,vegetables.

* Don’t assume your Child will shun natural foods: Encourage tour child to help you’ pick out. three new fruits and vegetables each time you visit the grocery store. They may even try these new natural foods.

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