Television: Closer to Truth: Science, Meaning and Future.

Television: Closer to Truth: Science, Meaning and Future. – television program review

Willow Lawson

(PBS, beginning April 2003)

Only PBS could give us television like this, a sort of “Charlie Rose Show” for serious science buffs. Host Robert Lawrence Kuhn, Ph.D., brings together prominent scientists, authors and scholars–including PT’s own Robert Epstein; Ph.D.–to delve deeply into the hottest topics of science, using the moon’s surface as the studio backdrop. The series’ 15 half-hour episodes tackle issues from the validity of science fiction to the role of alternative medicine. While some episodes can be sleep inducing, others, such as the one on autism, are riveting. Tito Mukhopadhyay, an autistic teen and published poet, joins a table of neuroscience experts. Although he doesn’t speak, Tito reveals the fascinating workings of an autistic mind by writing on a pad of paper, which his mother reads aloud.

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