Speaking out – Feedback

Speaking out – Feedback – Letter to the Editor

Your June 2003 issue containing the editorial “Of Ants and Men: The Lust for War,” and the article “Speaking Out: Susan Sarandon Dissents” gave me more than comfort. It made me determined to never give up at a time when I feel alone and out of step with what is being done in our nation and the world.

Lois Maggio

San Jose, CA

I’m disappointed with your articles on Susan Sarandon and the Code Orange alert system (“Phantom Menace,” June 2003). You’re supposed to be a scientific magazine, not a political tool for the extreme anti-Bush left.

Casey Auve

Seattle, WA

My wife and I want to congratulate you for putting Susan Sarandon on the cover. It was a bold and appropriate choice.

Richard Goodwin

Via e-mail

Susan Sarandon is no activist. Dr. Martin Luther King was an activist; Sarandon merely seeks the spotlight. The American public has rejected her brand of “activism” and her appearance in movies and on magazine covers will no longer sell tickets and magazines.

David O. Van Ness

Saint Paul, MN

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