Sell Yourself To Science

Sell Yourself To Science – Brief Article

Jim Hill

Need extra cash? You can earn money–and contribute to science by participating in clinical trials for mental health research. And now it’s easy with the National Institute of Mental Health’s (NIMH) new Web site dedicated to ongoing clinical trials throughout the country.

The site––is user-friendly: Just click on the name of a trial to view a description of the corresponding disorder and trial being conducted. Jean Baum of the NIMH says there is no “target” user, and stresses both client and therapist participation. “We hope to educate and interest people in getting better treatments for all the major disorders,” she says.

The site has its drawbacks. Currently, only volunteers not suffering from mental illness are monetarily compensated for participating (about $300 per study), and it lists only trials dealing with Alzheimer’s, bipolar disorders, depression and schizophrenia. But the NIMH does plan to expand the variety of trial offerings in the near future, and they also host a more general Web site listing trials for all types of diseases at

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