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Amanda Druckman

KidsAid was designed specifically for youngsters coping with the loss of a loved one. The site takes an interactive approach–offering online support groups, a confidential question-and-answer service, and a place for kids to post advice, poems and artwork. parker/psychwomen/wopsy.htm

Forget Freud, Jung and Piaget. This University of Georgia psychology department home page link celebrates the important women of psychology, like Maria Montessori, Cornelia Wilbur and Karen Horney. Click here for brief biographies of 17 females–both famous and obscure–from past and present, who have helped advance the study of the mind.

Both students and practitioners trying to determine how famous names in psychology–from founding greats like Plato to newer notables like Howard Gardner, Ph.D.–fit into the big picture should head straight for this well-organized site, which features an easy-to-read map of who influenced whom in the field of intelligence.

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Consider this site your electronic psychology bible. Here, you’ll find links to every psych-related topic imaginable, from a history of the field and its leaders to information for people interested in pursuing a career in the social sciences. freudarc.html

Fixated on Freud? Visit FreudNet, a must-see for any fan of the cigar-smoking psychoanalyst. Maintained by the Brill Library at the New York Psychoanalytic Institute and Society, this site includes links to archives, biographical materials and letters, and access to the Brill’s collection of first editions of Freud’s writings and his journals.

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