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PT links – psychology-related Web sites – Brief Article

Jessica Rogers

A poignant site created by a grassroots team, strives to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness. By sharing the poetry, drawings and journal entries of Jeremy Jacobs, a young sufferer of bipolar disorder, the site offers a personal perspective on a distressing disease. Initially created to document Jeremy’s recovery, it has since become a source of information and support for other sufferers with its links, live chats and discussion forums.

More than Freud meets the eye on this Web site maintained by Cheryl Martin, R.N., L.P.C. is an extensive guide to psychoanalytic thought, presenting numerous papers and discussions on topics ranging from family and group therapy to philosophy and spirituality. You’ll also discover links to professional journals and organizations along with bibliographies on such distinguished analytic figures as Jung and Erikson, making this site chock full of information.

Seeking advice on managing your psychiatric disability at work and school? Investigate this site, maintained by the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation. Students will find basic study skills and tactics for filing complaints about classroom discrimination, and job hunters can learn how to obtain reasonable work accommodations, such as flexible leave. The Americans with Disabilities Act guarantees specific rights to people with psychiatric disabilities, and this site demonstrates how to make certain those rights are upheld.

Explore the matters of gray matter on this comprehensive brain-research site created by the Dana Alliance. A nonprofit organization composed of more than 200 distinguished neuroscientists, the alliance works to alert the public to the benefits of brain-oriented research. Click on “Brain in the News” for groundbreaking neuroscience discoveries and events, or go to “Brainy Kids Online” for a fun, educational section designed for children, parents and teachers.

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