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Pt Links – psychology-related Web sites – Brief Article

Jesicca Rogers


If you’re expecting–or simply curious about the mental and emotional dimensions of pregnancy and giving birth–visit the Association for Pre- & Perinatal Psychology and Health on the Web. Its site presents scholarly articles, personal stories and late-breaking news on birth phenomena. You’ll also find links to birth psychology newsmakers and their publications, as well as directories for recommended books, practitioners and programs. rch/malouff/reading.html

Are your kids reluctant to read? Take some tips from two experts who struggled in helping their own daughter get into books. Incorporating techniques the psychologists teach at the University of New England in Australia, the site offers 30 strategies that use methods such as modeling and classical conditioning. It also lists frequently asked questions with answers and books that might help parents in their plight.

Looking to learn about schizophrenia or other mental illnesses? The Janssen Research Foundation can help with its easy-to-navigate site. If it’s relief you seek, click on “help & hope” to locate support groups and therapist, or “dollars & sense” for tips on affording treatment. Or for information, browse the reference room for books and videos, or simply scan a timeline for a history lesson on discoveries and treatments.

Through tapping into highly credible resources such as the Harvard Medical School, Intelihealth seeks to “consumerize” reliable mental health information and make it accessible to a global audience. Reviewed and approved by medical experts, the site posts facts and features overviews and research on various mental health issues. It also provides access to a medical dictionary, expert chat transcripts, a drug search engine and doctors who field questions.

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