Vacation Deficit Disorder (n): The jumpy, strung-out feeling that sets in after a vacationless summer. The agony of autumn. “Thanks to my Vacation Deficit Disorder, I can’t seem to read anything but CNN.com.”

(Courtesy of Joe Robinson’s Work to Live: The Guide to Getting a Life)

Helicopter Mom (n): An excessively protective parent hovering over her brood. See p. 40 for details. “Mrs. Johnson can’t step away from the Little League field–she’s a helicopter mom.” (From Buzzwhack.com)

Bear Market Depressive Syndrome (BMDS) (n): When you’re down in the Dow Jones dumps. Coined by psychiatrist John Schott to refer to the fear, anxiety and poor self-esteem caused by slumping stocks. “Suffering from Bear Market Depressive Syndrome, Jen cashed in her 401(k) and hid the money under her mattress.”

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