How can we go from friends to lovers?

I have been friends with a wonderful girl for three years. We have a lot in common, get along great, and we both want marriage and children. But she sees me only as a friend. She’s been in a relationship on and off with someone who may be cheating on her. He also treats her less well than he once did and has told her to “find someone else” to marry. She doesn’t want to accept that he is cheating without proof. She was “weirded out” by a funny Valentine card I gave her. When she temporarily broke up with her boyfriend two years ago, I was afraid to make a move. If I don’t tell her how I feel now, I may regret it. My friends say it’s worth a shot.

It takes a lot of practice to learn how to read social and sexual signals, and some people never do get it down pat. Your friend seems to be still rehearsing. Maybe she’s the one with some weird ideas, like love is supposed to be mean or dangerous. She may eventually came around on her own, but she may not. So I say go for it. Be yourself, but the way to win over someone is to deploy all your wit and charm. Think of it as on advertising campaign; design a strategy before you start. And ask your friends for help.

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