Don’t look back in anger

Don’t look back in anger – Letters: feedback

Jim Duffy

Thank you for publishing “Psychology’s Child” (February 2002). Pamela Cytrynbaum’s first-person narrative was fascinating. She is angry at her father who had all the answers, all the time. She demonstrates that anger and neuroses can be handed down from generation to generation, not necessarily genetically but through one’s environment. Cytrynbaum saves her most interesting diagnosis of herself for the end. After raging at her husband and receiving, in return, empathy and understanding, she concludes, “I’ll see that I’m being heard, that I’m safe and that pulls me back.” Cytrynbaum shows us that anger needs to be heard, truly heard, not washed away by antidepressants, tranquilizers and Prozac.

Jim Duffy

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