Can a Darwinian Be a Christian. – Review

Can a Darwinian Be a Christian. – Review – book review

Paul Chance

Can a Darwinian Be a Christian (Cambridge, 2000; $24.95)

Just in time for Christmas comes a gift appropriate for those interested in the debate between science and religion. The book, by Michael Ruse, Ph.D., a professor of philosophy and zoology at the University of Guelph in Canada, is a lively discussion of the conflict between Christianity and Darwinian theory. Ruse admits his biases at the outset: “I think that evolution is a fact … and that sociobiology is the best thing to happen to the social sciences in this century.” But the book gets at the rift between scientific psychology’s evolutionary view of human nature and the Biblical view of creation. Ruse, reared by Quakers, is sympathetic to religion, and does not believe that science is necessarily at odds with Christianity. Can a Darwinian be a Christian? “Absolutely!” he answers. But it just isn’t that easy.

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