An Alternate Route – complementary medicine being studied through the White House Commission on Alternative Medicine – Brief Article

Carin Gorrell

Complementary medicines like yoga may improve your health, but many doctors are hesitant to prescribe them due to lack of scientific evidence of their benefits. But thanks to President Clinton’s White House Commission on Alternative Medicine, plans for more clinical trials on alternative treatments are under way and under physicians’ watchful eyes.

Among the many programs benefiting from the Commission–established in March 2000 to invest resources in scientific analysis of alternative medicine–is the new health center, Haelth. Taken from an Old English word meaning “whole,” its name incorporates the founders’ philosophy of addressing all aspects of health–body, mind and spirit. Haelth recently opened in New York and offers personalized programs combining nutrition, exercise, massage and mind-body practices–all reviewed by an advisory board of physicians, researchers and complementary care practitioners. Several of the board members are also on the White House Commission, including the center’s founder William Fair, Ph.D., a urology oncologist at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

Haelth’s specialists continuously monitor new scientific findings and plan to establish a research foundation to help develop clinical standards for alternative treatments of various illnesses. “We hope we can help further the commission’s mission in terms of getting access for people to health and furthering complementary medicine and its research,” says Tracy Wiens, the center’s marketing director. For additional Information, visit

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