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Your last issue reeks of bad taste (December 2001). Sex is sacred and must not be debased by casual etalage. You are in a slide toward turning our serious and dignified Psychology Today into a mere porn rag. If you want to explain orgasm, you could do it in another type of magazine for those who are interested or those who ask these types of questions. The same if you embark on a crusade to encourage masturbation. As far as I am concerned, these questions are not discussed in the public place. Why? In the next issue, you may start discussing the best way to procure abortion. Some of your subscribers are still uneasy about certain sexual topics to be treated so casually in a too-explicit way.

Bernard Tremblay

Via e-mail

The article, “The Science of Orgasm,” so explicitly written with pornographic pictures, is one I would expect to find in Playboy. Psychology Today should publish informative articles that can be shared with family and friends.

Pat Leimkuhler

Via e-mail

In regard to your sex articles, this type of coverage may be appropriate for Playboy. Your periodical is supposed to be a wholesome publication.

Dale Stafford

West Iron County High

School Library

Iron River, MI


Psychology Today is a unique magazine that presents scientifically valid information about mental health and behavior in a form that the public con understand and enjoy. In our last issue, we included an article about groundbreaking work on sexual dysfunction, as well as two articles about orgasm–one written by a leading researcher in the field. Millions of people experience sexual problems that bring them to physicians and therapists, and virtually everyone is fascinated by sex. I can’t imagine not covering this important topic in PT from time to time. Looking back, I do feel that our “packaging” may have been too provocative, and for that, I offer my sincere apology. Our goal is to educate and entertain, not to offend.

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