The Preventive Maintenance Monthly: Fight acid with lube – M88A1 Recovery Vehicle

Fight acid with lube – M88A1 Recovery Vehicle – Brief Article

Mechanics, a little battery acid in the wrong place will damage more than batteries. You have to worry about what’s under the batteries, too.

In the case of your M88A1 recovery vehicle, that’s the steering linkage bell crank assembly.

The assembly is to the side and below the battery box, so any battery leakage usually ends up on it, too. If it’s not lubed regularly, the resulting corrosion makes the rods brittle. Eventually, they break.

So, before you lube the steering linkage bell crank assembly quarterly with GAA, carefully wipe off any corrosion you find with a rag. If the corrosion is heavy, use a solution of water and baking soda. Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands.

Next, put a light coat of GAA on the outside of the assembly, then use your grease gun to lube normally. The GAA protects the assembly from battery corrosion until it’s time to lube again.

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