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Cables need slack

Cables need slack – Ah-64a/D …

Mechanics, to stop cable chafing and broken connectors in the right and left forward avionics bays (FAB), give ’em a little slack and protection.

When you inspect your Apache’s FWD components, look for slack, chafing and tight cable wire bundles. If you locate problems, remove the connectors and pull the slack out of the cable to provide clearance. That way the connectors are easier to reconnect and won’t get damaged from excessive pulling, which can break connector pins and wires.

Since aircraft vibration and tight cables cause chafing, add a little extra cable pro-tection by wrapping them with anti-chafe material, NSN 5970-01-143-6994. NSN 5970-00-617-1141 and NSN 9330-01-017-1440 are suitable alternatives.

Remember broken cables in the FAB mean the fire control computer, gun control box, turret control box, or other components are NMC.

Also, when you perform aircraft run-ups, make sure there’s good air circulation in the FAB. Just place your hand near the bay door vents and feel for airflow. If there’s no airflow to cool the components, they will get hot and shut down. For the Apache Longbow, check out the procedure in the IETM to ensure FAB components stay cool.

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