Edgewater Angels – Review

Edgewater Angels – Review

Dennis Bernstein

Edgewater Angels by Sandro Meallet Doubleday. 324 pages. $20.00.

There are multiple fault lines running though Los Angeles. One kind of fault line–poverty–rocks tens of thousands of very poor Angelinos every day. Hunger, rat infestations, the slow-motion bullets from lead paint poisonings, and the fast-action charges from automatic weapons–fired by cops and gang-bangers–often make life treacherous and childhood short-lived.

Writer Sandro Meallet grew up on poverty’s fault line, inside L.A.’s notorious Rancho San Pedro housing projects. He tells about it in compelling and original street prose. In his autobiographical novel, Edgewater Angels, Mealier weaves a wealth of personal experience into a coming-of-age tale that will have you turning pages almost faster than you can read them.

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