Ask Phil – Where can I find garments for dogs?

Dear Phil: I really need your help. Where can I find garments for dogs? Any ideas would be appreciated. D.B., Santa Clara, Calif.

You sound baffled by the idea of clothing for our four-legged friends rather than sweatshirts sporting a picture of Twister, the nutty cat. Well, believe it or not, it’s a very lucrative market. Because of this, I’ve received this request more than once before. That spells good luck for you! Contact the following sources for everything from raincoats, leather jackets, booties, sweaters, bandanas and hats for your hairy friend (along with the more practical leashes, collars and carriers): Vo-Toys Inc. (formerly Doggiduds Inc.), Harrison, N.J., (973) 484-0088, (800) 462-7445,; Posh Pups of Venice Beach, Venice, Calif., (310) 822-7440,; Neo-Paws International, Toronto, 888-DOG-SHOE, (416) 594-3993, (416) 594-3882 fax,; Wagwear, New York, (212) 673-7210, 888-WAG-WEAR, (212) 375-8106 fax,; and Glow Dog Inc., Ashland, Mass., 888-GLOWDOG, (508) 231-1495 fax,

Dear Phil: I need a source for kneepads, but not the really thick kind with “armor and braces.” These are for dancers and cheerleaders. I can’t find a source. Help! J.B., Sterling, Conn.

Congratulations! You have the distinct honor of being the very first Phillie to ask me to find kneepads! Kneepads?? Somehow I never saw them as an embroiderable, but I guess, when it comes to imaginative embroiderers, they’ll give anything a try – at least once, anyway. When you think about it, it makes sense. I’m sure in dance studios across the country, there are kneepads with names written in magic marker or ribbons tied around them to tell them apart. Good thinkin’! That’s business! For kneepads that are perfect for dancers and cheerleaders, contact Dance Wear Online, Long Island, N.Y., (516) 799-0505, (877) 326-2333, (516) 799-7993 fax,; Discount Dance Supply, Anaheim, Calif., 800-328-7107, 714-970-9075 fax,; and New York Dancewear Co., Flushing, N.Y., 718-464-8980, 800-775-DANCE, 718-464-8988 fax,

Dear Phil: Do you know where I can find award ribbons? S.H., Atlanta

This month was actually pretty interesting as far as product searches go. On rare occasions I get on a roll with requests for items I haven’t been asked for 6 million times before. Award ribbons were just one such example. They aren’t all that unusual or rare, but I haven’t been asked to locate a source for them before. My search, however, began where it usually does – on the Internet. And, once again, the Web came through for me with flying colors.

For award ribbons in all shapes, sizes and colors, contact Crown Awards, Hawthorne, N.Y., (800) 227-1557, (914) 347-7008 fax,; Trophy Central, Westchester, N.Y., (888) 809-8800, (906) 228-2360, (906) 228-9865 fax,; Regal Ribbons, Atascadero, Calif., (800) 844-0114, (408) 779-5005 fax,; and Hodges Badge Co. Inc., Portsmouth, R.I., (401) 682-2000, (800) 556-2440, (800) 292-7377 fax,

Dear Phil: Do you have a source for bean bag chairs? L.B., Appleton, Wis.

Bean bags…who ever thought of such a thing? A big round ball that you sit on! They are quite comfortable, though – until you try to get up, that is. There’s no way to do that gracefully unless you’re 20 and have rock-hard abs. Anyway, I digress…you can find bean bags in various sizes, along with scores of colorful covers, at Ahh! Products Inc., Annandale, Va., (703) 876-6242, (888) 244-6818, (703) 876-6271 fax,

Dear Phil: I am looking for a stock design company that offers sign language designs. J.B., White Plains, N.Y.

This one took some doing. I’d been asked this question before and came up empty, so I was on a serious mission to find a source when I was posed with the challenge again. I was determined not to give in this time. So, I put in a few phone calls to my many industry contacts and eventually came up with a source. For sign language designs, contact Grand Slam Designs, Middle River, Minn., (218) 222-3501, (800) 569-8138, (218) 222-4091 fax.

Got a question for Phil? If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the Buyer’s Guide, write to Profitable Embroiderer, Attn: Phil Stitch , 249 W. 17th St., 3rd Floor, New York, N.Y. 10011-5300, (212) 206-3618 fax or for the quickest response, e-mail . For RN inquiries, visit for the online RN Database link, call (202) 326-3186 or fax (202) 326-2558. Although I try my best, I can’t always answer every request, so please continue your search on your own. Remember, if you call the companies mentioned by Phil, tell them you heard about them here!

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