Workflow Software aids digital color printing applications

Workflow Software aids digital color printing applications

ONYX[R] ProductionHouse(TM) v7.1, ONYX PosterShop[R] v7.1, and ONYX RIPCenter(TM) v7.1 are compatible with Windows Vista[R] and feature Profile Download Client that facilitates media profile acquisition. Along with dual-mode printer drivers for continuous-tone and half-tone printers, features include spot color matching table for PANTONE[R] Goe(TM) System, RIP-and-print function, and Layout/Media Manager functions. Smooth Dot technology promotes smoothness of output from variable-droplet print heads.


New Features in ONYX ProductionHouse, ONYX PosterShop and ONYX RIPCenter software will be demonstrated at SGIA

SALT LAKE CITY, Oct. 11 — ONYX Graphics today announced it has released Version 7.1 for its popular workflow software packages: ONYX(R) ProductionHouse(TM), ONYX PosterShop(R) and ONYX RIPCenter(TM) software. New features in Version 7.1 include a new Profile Download Client that makes it easier to obtain media profiles; support for the PANTONE(R) Goe(TM) System; support for the Microsoft(R) Windows Vista(R) operating system; and dual-mode printer drivers for continuous-tone and half-tone printers. Also included are improvements in RIP-and-print and Layout and Media Manager functions. ONYX Graphics will be demonstrating Version 7.1 in its booth 2812 at the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA) exhibition in Orlando, October 24-27, 2007.

New Features and Improved Workflow

The new Profile Download Client for Version 7.1 makes obtaining media profiles much easier than before. Using the new client application, users can access the ONYX web site to view the latest list of media profiles available for ONYX printer drivers. Users can select a custom list of profiles to download and then easily install them onto their Version 7 product. The client application can also be used to obtain printer driver updates from ONYX. Users can install the Profile Download Client on their system running ONYX Version 7.1 or on other supported Windows systems connected to the Internet.

Version 7.1 includes the complete spot color matching table for the new PANTONE Goe System. This enables RIP-Queue to automatically match spot colors in PostScript(R) and PDF files that use the new Goe System naming convention. The new PANTONE spot colors are also available in the ONYX ProductionHouse Layout Tool for manual spot color replacement.

The Windows Vista operating system is now supported in Version 7.1. Vista compatibility includes Vista Business and Enterprise editions, both 32- and 64-bit versions.

Printer driver technology and RIP-and-print improvements

Printer drivers in Version 7.1 can now include dual-mode printer drivers — print modes for continuous-tone (contone) and halftone printing. This support is for newer printers from Canon, HP, and Epson that offer both halftone and contone print paths. These new features replace two separate drivers that were previously required to print in contone or halftone mode. Version 7.1 offers users a simpler workflow enabling full use of their printers’ capabilities.

Version 7.1 includes Smooth Dot technology that can dramatically improve the smoothness of output from variable-droplet print heads. By using data from new ink configurations that contain ink usage algorithms, Smooth Dot can also help make the profiling process faster and easier.

Also in Version 7.1 are improvements to RIP-and-print functions including RIP-and-print-on-the-fly for PostScript and PDF files, with a print buffer control in RIP-Queue for optimal print speed.

Layout and Media Manager improvements

Improvements to the Layout tool include enhancements to the user interface to make it more user-friendly. A right-click tool menu has been added, and the tools can be hidden, docked or floated for easier use.

The Media Manager application in Version 7.1 also includes an improved user interface for setting ink restrictions and transition controls. The new advanced user interface displays a graph of all ink curves and includes a measurement tool that can graph density and ink color changes in test image swatches. The ONYX Profile Generator module has also been improved with new options for UCR and color interpolation.

Support for Additional Printers and Cutters

Drivers for the following printer models have been added:

— Canon(R) ImagePROGRAF(R) iPF8000S, iPF9000S, iPF610 and iPF710

— Epson Stylus(R) Pro 11880, 9880, 7880 and 4880

— Mimaki(R) JV33-130, JV33-160, JV5-260S and JV5-320S

Drivers for the following printer models have been updated to support additional features:

— HP(R) Designjet(R) Z6100: addition of contone modes and Print & Scan functionality for internal color devices

— HP Designjet Z2100 and Z3100: addition of Print & Scan functionality for internal color devices

— Canon ImagePROGRAF iPF5000, iPF8000, iPF9000, iPF700, iPF600, iPF500, iPF5100 and iPF6100: addition of contone modes

Drivers for the following cutters have been added:

— Graphtec(R) CE Series

— Roland XC540 and GX Series

— Mimaki CG-75 ML

— flatbed cutters from MultiCam, Aristo and Zund


ONYX Graphics workflow software Version 7.1 is now available at no charge for download by registered licensees of Version 7. Registered licensees of Version 7 can download Version 7.1 from To upgrade from a previous version, users should contact a local ONYX reseller. To locate a reseller, visit the ONYX Graphics web site at, or call 800-828-0723 (international +1-801-954-5380).

About ONYX Graphics, Inc.

ONYX Graphics, Inc. develops and markets commercial printing software and solutions for the digital color printing marketplace. The ONYX software suite serves a broad range of digital production devices with high quality output. Its award-winning and market-leading products include ONYX ProductionHouse, ONYX PosterShop and ONYX RIPCenter, which support more than 500 popular printer models from small to large, from grand format inkjets to flatbed printers. ONYX is the leading developer of large format digital color printing software with the largest installed base worldwide. For more information, visit

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