USB-to-Serial UART Interface includes security features

USB-to-Serial UART Interface includes security features

Available in 28-pin SSOP or 32-pin QFN package, Model FT232R incorporates internal passive components, clock circuit, EEPROM, and security dongle. Internal unique ID is installed as part of die fabrication, which can be used to protect customer’s application. No crystal, EEPROM, or USB termination resistors are required. Applications include upgrading RS232 legacy peripherals to USB, interfacing MCU-based designs to USB, PDA-to-USB data transfer, and USB wireless modems.


Pittsford, New York. FT232R is a new USB1.1 to serial UART interface which updates the widely-used FT232BM IC by incorporating internally most of the external passive components, clock circuit, and EEPROM. New internal functionality incorporates a “security dongle” feature for added product assurance. An internal unique ID is installed as part of the die fabrication which can be used to protect a customer’s application. The new internal configurable clock can also be brought out to drive external devices. The internal EEPROM can be programmed with individual vendor ID and product ID.

FT232R now incorporates internal passive components which were previously required as external discrete parts: no crystal, EEPROM or USB termination resistors are required. These improvements make the savings of using the new FT232R substantial -especially since the new FT232R is approximately 25* lower in cost than its predecessor! So an FT232R assembly may cost 50% less to make than its predecessor, with fewer external components and smaller real estate requirements. Plus it uses existing FTDI Virtual COM Port drivers!

FT232R is available in two package styles, both lead-free: FT232RL is a 28-pin SSOP; FT232RQ is a 32-pin 5mm x 5mmi QFN.

FT232R eliminates USB driver and firmware development in most cases, thus significantly-reducing time-to-market. A range of evaluation boards are available for development purposes. Applications include: upgrading RS232 legacy peripherals to USB; cellular and cordless phone USB data transfer cables and interfaces; interfacing MCU based designs to USB; USB audio and low bandwidth video data transfer; PDA to USB data transfer; USB smart card Readers; Set Top Box (S.T.3.) PC – USB interface; USB hardware modems; USB wireless modems; USB instrumentation; USB bar code readers; USB-GPS dataloggers, etc.

FT232R is the ideal choice when you want a serial port accessible – and optionally powered – from USB. Designers wanting to make USB devices with minimal development and cost have embraced FTDI’s products as simple to use and having no-problem, rock-solid, royalty-free drivers (which are supplied at no charge) for Windows “98/ME/2000/XP, Linux, MacOS8/9/X, WinCE, Server2003, EmbeddedxP, ana many other 3” party drivers.

FT232R available now for $2.60 (1000) from FTDI’s USA distributors: Saelig Co. Inc. (585-385-1750; 585-385-1768fax;;

More: Alan Lowne, 585 385-1750 o fax-1768 Saelig Co. Inc, 1160-D2 Pittsford-Victor Rd. Pittsford, NY 14534 USA. m

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