Test Kit aids in 32-bit Flash MCU development

Test Kit aids in 32-bit Flash MCU development

Supporting AT91SAM7S-series ARM7[R]-based Flash microcontrollers, AT91SAM7S64-IAR Development Kit includes evaluation board and J-LINK USB-to-JTAG debug interface along with suite of development tools from IAR Systems. Tools include 20-state version of visualSTATE[R] for SAM7S and 32 kByte code limited KickStart version of IAR Embedded Workbench[R] for ARM[R]. Kit enables users to show proof of concept when designing in AT91SAM7S.


Complete Kit Offered at Only $295 for Product Development Based on the AT91SAM7S32, Embedding 32kByte High-Speed Flash

ROUSSET, France and UPPSALA, Sweden, Feb. 22 — Atmel(R) Corporation (NASDAQ:ATML) and IAR Systems(R) AB (Stockholmsborsen: IAR) today announced the AT91SAM7S64-IAR Development Kit in support of Atmel’s recently launched AT91SAM7S-series ARM7(R)-based Flash microcontrollers at a fraction of competing 32-bit development toolsets.

The fully-featured kit, priced at just $295, comprises an evaluation board and J-LINK USB-to-JTAG debug interface with a suite of development tools from IAR Systems. These include a 20-state version of visualSTATE(R) for SAM7S and a 32kByte code limited KickStart version of IAR Embedded Workbench(R) for ARM(R). A fully compatible upgrade path for larger code sizes is available from IAR Systems.

Atmel’s AT91SAM7S-series of Flash microcontrollers based on the ARM7TDMI processor provide a boost in real-time performance over 8/16-bit microcontrollers. They integrate up to 256-kB Flash memory, high-speed serial communication channels, including USB and a complete set of secure operation functions featuring a watchdog, an on-chip RC oscillator, power supply monitors and hardware protection of the Flash memory.

“IAR Systems is an established, supplier of development tools for 8 and 16-bit microcontrollers,” said Jacko Wilbrink, Atmel’s ARM-based Product Manager. “Evolving its industry-standard development tools to 32-bit systems slashes the investment and learning curve for 8/16-bit MCU users migrating to the 16/32-bit ARM architecture.”

“We are delighted to offer the AT91SAM7S-IAR starter kit together with Atmel,” said Andreas Lifvendahl, Global Account Manager, IAR Systems. “Seven years ago, we contributed to the successful introduction of the Atmel AVR MCU. To ensure another successful launch, we have provided a complete and adapted suite of development tools to add to the Atmel starter kits. Customers can rapidly show proof of concept when designing in the AT91SAM7S with this starter kit, and IAR Systems is able to offer a smooth tool upgrade path when ramping up to production use of the AT91SAM7S.”

The AT91SAM7S64-IAR Development Kit for the AT91SAM7S-series is available now at a resale price of $295 in any quantity from both IAR Systems and Atmel.

About IAR Systems

IAR Systems is one of the world’s leading providers of programming tools for embedded systems. In close cooperation with the world’s premier chip manufacturers, IAR System has ever since the company was founded in 1983 offered integrated programming tools for a large number of 8-, 16-, and 32-bit microprocessors.

IAR Systems’ business concept is to offer products and services that help customers reduce development time and accelerate time to market. The product portfolio includes C/C++ compilers and debuggers as well as graphical programming tools for automated design and code generation.

IAR Systems’ customers represent many different market segments such as telecommunications, industrial automation and the automotive industry.

IAR Systems is listed on the Stockholmsborsens O list (OMX). The company operates in Sweden, Denmark, the UK, Germany, Japan, China and the US and has a large net of distributors in approximately 30 countries.

Additional information

For additional information about IAR Systems, visit www.iar.com.

About Atmel

Atmel is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of microcontrollers, advanced logic, mixed-signal, nonvolatile memory and radio frequency (RF) components. Leveraging one of the industry’s broadest intellectual property (IP) technology portfolios, Atmel is able to provide the electronics industry with complete system solutions. Focused on consumer, industrial, security, communications, computing and automotive markets, Atmel ICs can be found Everywhere You Are(SM).

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Additional Information

Atmel’s AT91SAM7S product information is available at: http://www.atmel.com/products/AT91/ or by email from at91support@atmel.com.

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