Pipe Fitting serves as socket tee and crossover

Pipe Fitting serves as socket tee and crossover

Constructed of malleable iron and treated for corrosion resistance, slip-on EF43G is used to build racks and other tubular pipe structures. It joins horizontal rails to upright, leaving protruded socket to take horizontal tie, perpendicular to other rails, across section. Product, suited for building shelved racks or pallet racks, is available to fit following pipe sizes: Easyfit Size 25 (1 in.), Size 32 (11/4 in.), and Size 40 (11/2 in.).


(July 2005) – Easyfit, Inc., Beachwood, Ohio announces the introduction of its new EF43G slip-on structural pipe fitting. The new fitting serves as a combination socket tee and crossover by joining horizontal rails to an upright, leaving the protruded socket to take a horizontal tie, perpendicular to the other rails, across the section. This makes it ideal for building shelved racks (with the horizontal pipe outside the upright), or pallet racks (horizontal pipe inside the upright). It is available to fit three standard pipe sizes, including Easyfit Size 25 (1-inch), Size 32 (1-1/4″), and Size 40 (1-1/2″), according to Easyfit.

Constructed of malleable iron for durability, and treated for corrosion resistance, the new EF43G fitting also facilitates the construction of other tubular pipe structures, the company states. It joins the comprehensive line of Easyfit slip-on pipe fittings designed to build awnings, frames, displays, store fixtures, carports, boat docks, playground equipment, safety barriers, theatrical sets, and greenhouses. The new EF43G fitting and other Easyfit products can be ordered online at www.Easyfit.com.

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