Mill-Turn Machine combines lathe and machining center

Mill-Turn Machine combines lathe and machining center

Integrated mill turn centers in NT Series provide full lathe and machining center capabilities in one package with DCG(TM) (Driven at Center of Gravity) technology, box-in-box construction, and turret with built-in milling motor. Machines contain B-axis that uses direct drive motor, and indexing specifications allow for input by units of 0.0001[degrees]. Max spindle speed is 5,000 rpm, max tool spindle speed is 12,000 rpm, and tool-to-tool change time is 1 sec.


The full capabilities of a lathe and machining center are now available in one package

Irving, Texas, September 20, 2005 – Mori Seiki’s new NT Series of integrated mill turn centers fully combines a lathe with a machining center. In designing the series, Mori Seiki completely rethought the design and construction of multitasking machines to harness the turning ability of a lathe and the cutting ability of a machining center.

The NT Series employs both DCG(TM) (Driven at the Center of Gravity) technology and the box-in-box construction of the NH Series horizontal machining centers, along with the turret with a built-in milling motor from the NL Series CNC lathes. The combination of these features is included with no compromises in terms of their performance.

Machines in the NT Series contain a B-axis that uses a DD (Direct Drive) motor, eliminating backlash and making high-speed rotation possible. Indexing specifications for the axis cater to high precision machining requirements, allowing for input by units of 0.0001 degrees.

To make the NT Series as efficient and productive as possible, special attention has been paid to machine speed. Maximum spindle speed is 5,000 rpm with a maximum tool spindle speed of 12,000 rpm. Additionally, the machines’ ATC (Automatic Tool Changer) features a tool-to-tool change time of just 1 sec. and a chip-to-chip time of only 3.4 sec.

Special attention to thermal displacement allows machines in the NT Series to perform at the highest levels of accuracy and precision. The lower turret is located symmetrically in relation to the center of the spindle, forming a construction resistant to the effects of heat. Additionally, ball screw and motor jacket cooling have been implemented to completely eradicate inaccuracy caused by heat variations.

The NT Series will make use of MAPPS III, the latest iteration of Mori Seiki’s highly successful control system. MAPPS III allows fast processing and is equipped with a collision prevention function that monitors machine movements in real time. The controls also take advantage of the ease and convenience of conversational input, providing high-speed canned cycles that lead to dramatic increases in programming speed.

The NT Series will contain 9 models, with spindle, lower turret and no center support options bringing the total number of variations to 66. Varieties of the machines will be brought to market sequentially.

Mori Seiki will host an Innovation Days event in early November at its Chicago Technical Center to formally introduce the new line to the North American market. Details on the event will be announced in late September.

Mori Seiki produces extremely reliable machine tools and distributes worldwide. The U.S. headquarters is in Dallas with offices in Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Des Moines, Detroit, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, and New Jersey. For more about Mori Seiki and the products in the Mori Seiki line, visit or call (972) 929-8321.

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