Automated Inspection System is suited for softgel capsules

Automated Inspection System is suited for softgel capsules

Optyx[R] SG automatically inspects each softgel capsule at production speeds to identify and remove defective softgels and foreign capsules from product stream. With 0.17 mm[sup.2] pixel resolution, system verifies product color, size, and shape to ensure specification conformity. Along with up to 900,000 softgel capsules per hour inspection capacity, system features icon-based GUI and 2 cameras above product stream or 4 cameras above and below product stream.


December 6, 2005 – SYMETIX, the Pharmaceutical Business Unit of Key Technology, introduces Optyx[R] SG, an optical inspection system for softgels.

Optyx SG automatically inspects each softgel capsule at high production speeds and identifies and removes defective softgels and foreign capsules from the product stream. Automating inspection with Optyx SG enhances product quality and improves production line efficiency while significantly reducing labor costs.

As softgel manufacturers race to automate their production lines, continuous processes are replacing batch processes. SYMETIX enables this paradigm shift with Optyx SG. If needed, manufacturers can batch-feed the bulk-to-bulk Optyx SG today and later integrate the continuous inspection system with other continuous processes to achieve 100 percent, in-line inspection at full production speeds. To assure final product quality, Optyx SG is located immediately prior to packaging.

With unmatched precision, Optyx SG verifies product color, size, and shape to assure every softgel capsule conforms to product specifications. With ultra-high resolution 0.17 mm square pixels, Optyx SG reliably detects and removes foreign capsules as well as the smallest color and shape defects, including air bubbles, stained capsules and misshapen product.

Unlike manual inspection, Optyx SG is objective and consistent, which improves final product quality. Automating inspection with Optyx SG increases product yield by minimizing the removal of acceptable product, which is common with manual inspection. Optyx SG reduces the risk of contamination by minimizing human contact with product. Based on labor savings alone, Optyx SG offers payback as rapid as one year. Improvements in production efficiency further speed payback.

Optyx SG uses Key’s proprietary color cameras to view product – either two cameras are located above the product stream or four cameras are located both above and below the product stream, depending on the application. As product passes through the system, it is launched off the end of the Optyx belt for in-air viewing by the cameras. Using proprietary image processing technology, the system quickly analyses the images, comparing each object to previously defined accept/reject standards. When defective product or foreign capsules are identified, the system activates the close-coupled high-speed ejector system, which is made up of a series of air jets spaced 6 mm apart that span the width of the system. While the defective object is still air-borne, the air jets pinpoint the object to remove it from the acceptable product stream. The Optyx SG can inspect up to 900,000 softgel capsules per hour.

Designed to meet FDA requirements and comply with GAMP 4 guidelines, Optyx SG benefits from Key Technology’s 10-year history of supplying FDA-validated inspection systems to the pharmaceutical industry and 50-year history of supplying innovative technology to the food industry. SYMETIX offers complete engineering services and validation packages.

The icon-based graphical user interface (GUI) is easy to learn and use, reducing operator training and simplifying operation. Product settings can be stored and retrieved for fast product changeover. The GUI can reside locally on the system and can be accessed remotely via network or Internet, enhancing the flexibility in the operating environment and easing access for remote factory troubleshooting and application assistance. Sophisticated real-time and on-demand diagnostics help minimize and avoid costly downtime, and detect conditions that could compromise inspection.


SYMETIX, launched in September 2005, is the Pharmaceutical Business Unit of Key Technology, the leading manufacturer of best-in-class process automation systems with over 50 years of experience in the food, tobacco, and pharmaceutical industries. SYMETIX offers worldwide sales representation and maintains demonstration and testing facilities at Key’s headquarters and manufacturing divisions in Walla Walla, Washington, USA, and at Key Technology BV in Beusichem, the Netherlands. Key’s common stock trades on the Nasdaq National Market tier of The NASDAQ Stock MarketSM under the

symbol: KTEC.

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