‘Obsene’ is the word

‘Obsene’ is the word

“It’s actually obsene what you can find out about people on the Internet.”

Those are among the last words of a 21-year-old New Hampshire man who stalked a 20-year-old female classmate and killed her and himself in October.

After the killings, police discovered that Liam Youens wrote of his plans, on a personal World Wide Web site, which no one apparently ever visited or believed.

With his misspelling of obscene, Youens described on his site how he was obsessed with his victim for at least five years. But he could not get close to her because she was usually surrounded by family. And so he resorted to on-line research services like Docusearch and Infoseekers to discover her birthday, her Social Security number, her address, and – with tragic results – the location of the dentist office where she worked. It was there that he shot Amy Boyer and himself Oct. 15, according to The Boston Globe.

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