Caught in the act

Caught in the act

Strauss, Susan B

PRINCIPAL: Susan B. Strauss

SCHOOL: Walter Panas High School; Cortlandt Manor, NY


GRADES: Grade 9-12


How many years have you been principal?

This is my 12th year as a building administrator: five years as an assistant principal and seven years as a principal, three years at my current school.

What role does the preschool lab play in the curriculum and how many high school students participate each semester?

The preschool lab serves as a hands-on experience for our high school students who are enrolled in our Business of Pre-School Education program. Approximately 40 students are enrolled each year. They work with the preschoolers three days each week, for 2+ hours each of those days. The other two days are spent studying about that age group (ages 3-5 years) and its social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development needs. The lab is where theoretical knowledge can be put into practice. The program is a multiyear one, and as juniors, students serve as teacher assistants; as seniors, as student teachers.

Do you see the preschool as a means of attracting young people to the field of education? If so, has that been your experience at Walter Panas?

Absolutely! This is an excellent elective for students planning a career in elementary education and/or childcare. Students may elect to take this course for one, two, or three periods, and are eligible for college credit. We have had a number of students decide to pursue a future career based on their experiences in our program.

Do you have similar vocational ed programs in other areas?

Nothing that is as program intensive. We do have a program called WISE (Westchester Individual Senior Experience) where our seniors can opt to earn English and Social Studies credit through an internship experience within a career area of interest to them.

Is there other information you’d like to share about the preschool program or Walter Panas?

I’d like to give well-deserved credit for the success of our pre-school program to teacher Ms. Jean Barrett, who has really grown the program over the past several years and made it the success it is today.

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