A little of everything: www.HomeworkSpot.com – WebNotes

A little of everything: www.HomeworkSpot.com – WebNotes – Brief Article

HomeworkSpot.com has something to help every subject of every grade. From math to science to foreign language to grammar to reference, it’s all there, and paid for by advertisement. Free to you.

Now you’re not going to be able to use HomeworkSpot.com as a complete curriculum. It’s mostly cobbled together out of links to all sorts of different fun and educational sites, which will help enrich whatever subject you’re studying. The emphasis is on education, not fun. However, these websites are not written by the American Textbook Committee, so many are “fun.” Not in the flashy, stupid, let’s-keep-TV-watchers’-attention sort of way, but still, most of these websites have personality. For example, one algebra site shows you how to solve many kinds of equations by making them into rectangular cards. This is similar to the approach used by popular homeschool products such as Mortensen Math and Math-U-See. Most of the material is useful, like the Mad Science site. And besides, no personal info, no cost … What more could a frugal homeschooler looking for enrichment ask?

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