The Orthotic Group provides practitioners and their patients with innovative solutions for foot care

The Orthotic Group provides practitioners and their patients with innovative solutions for foot care

Scott Warne

The Orthotic Group (TOG) was founded in 1985 as a professional services company dedicated to the needs of health care professionals and their patients. From assessment tools such as GaitScan[TM] to custom-made orthotics and footwear, TOG provides innovative design, quality products and custom comfort.

Practitioners can count on The Orthotic Group to deliver the very best in materials and custom orthotic craftsmanship to help satisfy the biomechanical needs of any patient–from the serious athlete to a sedentary senior with diabetes. TOG’s orthotics are constructed with materials that are built to last. The Orthotic Group’s proprietary, durable, 100% memory thermoplastic is backed with a lifetime guarantee against breakage. With TOG, patients leave the health care practitioner’s office knowing that they have been given the custom orthotic support they expect and deserve.


TOG also carries a complete line of orthotic shoes and sandals that offer patients orthopedic comfort and support, during daily actives. All shoes from The Orthotic Group’s Signature Footwear Collection are manufactured with a custom orthotic insert built into the foot bed for maximum support and convenience. TOG sandals give feet freedom in the warmer months as well as indoors, while still accommodating each patient’s custom orthotic requirements!

TOG provides practitioners with a unique customer service approach, driven by a team of lab experts, as well as Sales and Customer Service professionals–all with Health Science degrees. Practitioners are guaranteed professional timely service whenever they call to speak to a qualified member of The Orthotic Group team. The company strives to establish partnerships with health care professionals that positively influence their practice and the lives of their patients.

Computerized Pressure Analysis

More and more health care practitioners have discovered the multiple benefits of incorporating computerized pressure technology into their clinic. To meet this need TOG developed a technologically superior pressure analysis assessment tool that improves the clinical evaluation process of patients by providing a clearer picture of foot mechanics. Called GaitScan[TM], the tool empowers practitioners with valuable pressure and timing information regarding their patient’s step. The system delivers quantifiable data from industry-leading 4096 sensors on a pressure plate that scans 125 times per second. GaitScan[TM] captures information in seconds and provides the results in visual savvy graphics for patient education and printable reports.


The response from GaitScan[TM] users has been very positive, as these two testimonials attest:


populations–for example, my runners will be fascinated with the system

and it will then provide me with an avenue to educate them about


–Eliot Diamond, DPM


practice. I was happy with the orthotic lab I was using at the time, and


3-dimensional orthotic device. However, after using GaitScan[TM] on a

few test patients I found I had a better clinical response to the

orthotics and a lot of happy patients! I have honestly more than


–Kathleen M. Schafer, DPM


Special Rental Offer

The Orthotic Group has recently announced a special rental program for their GaitScan[TM] pressure analysis system. Under this program qualified practitioners will be able to benefit from using the GaitScan[TM] technology, in conjunction with pre-existing examination processes, for free. Only practitioners from the USA qualify for this program.

Practitioners can contact The Orthotic Group at 1-800-551-3008 for more information on their products, including the special GaitScan[TM] rental opportunity. Or you can check out their web site at: or circle #136 in the reader service card.

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