PRESENT Courseware achieving wide acceptance throughout podiatry

PRESENT Courseware achieving wide acceptance throughout podiatry

PRESENT Courseware has developed an innovative Internet technology that is allowing lectures by a carefully selected faculty of teachers–each a renowned expert in his/her field–on a comprehensive selection of topics, to be delivered on demand to all 295 podiatric residency programs across the country. Currently being delivered to over half of all podiatric residents in the U.S., PRESENT Courseware, created by a collaboration between Podiatry Online founders Alan Sherman DPM and Michael Shore, DPM, and academic leader Jay Lieberman, DPM, is providing a standardized curriculum of lecture content (created by over 60 authors) and interactive teaching tools that are helping the profession to standardize its post-graduate training.


PRESENT Courseware’s growth and acceptance by the profession has been impressive. Since going live on Sept 1, 2003, PRESENT Courseware has delivered its current 76 lectures over 7500 times to over 800 enrollees. PRESENT Courseware is being used at over half of the 295 programs around the country, including the affiliated residency programs of 4 of the podiatry colleges.

PRESENT Courseware is being made available by subscription and is being budgeted as an ongoing education expense by hospital administrations nationwide. Development of the PRESENT technology platform was underwritten by their Grand Sponsor, Dermik, who supported PRESENT at a very early stage of development and made its growth possible. Medicis provided sponsorships for 250 residents, which covered 20% of the residents around the country. Healthpoint stepped up to sponsor the entive VA program, and Howmedica sponsored a large block of scholarships and funded lecture development. Over 40 additional companies have provided sponsorships for lecture development, including A.M. Surgical, Allied OSI, Amerigel, Anodyne, Arthrotek, Boyd, CP Motion, Darco, DM Systems, Docuforms, Dornier, EBI, Gateway EDI, Gebauer, Healthpoint, Howmedica, Hudson, I-Flow, Instratek, J & J Woundcare, Jan-L, JSB, KCI, Linvatec, Merz, MMT, Moore Medical, MTI, Normed, Officite, OrthoSurgical Implants, Osteomed, Propath Labs, Seattle Systems, Smith & Nephew, Spenco, Stable Step, Tekscan, Upsher-Smith, and Wright.

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