Open shoe for AFO? – Letters to the Editor

Open shoe for AFO? – Letters to the Editor – Letter to the Editor

I have a patient, s/p CVA, who wears an AFO for her foot drop. Due to contracture of the toes, the top of her hallux is severely irritated from rubbing against the shoe. She is not a surgical candidate. I have cut the shoe for her, but she asked me if there were any open-toe shoe or sandal available that would accommodate her AFO. I am not aware of any. Does anyone have any ideas, or a source for this type of shoe/sandal?

Peter Smith, DPM

Stony Brook, NY

It is hard to imagine a case of a hallux hammertoe which would not be accommodated by a conventional added-depth shoe. I would recommend this footwear, along with a rocker sole addition, for any patient wearing a solid AFO prescribed for a dropfoot condition. Notwithstanding, we have been intrigued with the new BITE sandal, which has a removable footbed designed to receive a custom foot orthotic. STJ Orthotics has developed a new custom orthotic program to fit the BITE sandal. This sandal could possibly be fitted with a custom AFO and has the necessary straps to provide a restraint system to anchor the paralytic dropfoot wearing an AFO. I would suggest that you consider this option as a back-up to my original suggestion for your patient with the hallux hammertoe.

Doug Richie, D.P.M

Seal Beach, CA

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