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Pet Points — Kids pay tribute to their pets


The Peoria Humane Society recently conducted it’s annual Be Kind to Animals essay contest.

This year’s theme was “Friends Forever.” Area kids in fourth through sixth grades were invited to share real stories about their favorite companion.

Winners include Makenzie Utlie, a fifth-grader from Rolling Acres Edison School, who won first place, and Theresa Sanders, a fifth- grader from Oak Grove East School in Bartonville, who received second- place honors. Third place went to Andre Taylor, a fourth-grader from Irving Primary, and fourth place went to Tiarra Archie, who is a fourth-grader at Glen Oak Primary School.

Here are their essays:

“My Best Friend”

One of the first things I said as a little baby was the word “dog.” I’m sure it didn’t come out of my mouth in language you could understand, but my parents knew exactly what I said.

My parents decided that I was old enough to get my own puppy. (I was pretty persuasive in convincing them.) Before I could get this new puppy, I had to promise to do everything for him. . . . like training him, giving up my month-long visit with my grandma in Michigan, and the biggest part was that I had to pay for him myself.

Well, I did it! Once I had the money and did a lot of research, my mom found a new litter of Labrador puppies that were available at the local animal shelter. We jumped in the car and rushed right over. Just about all the puppies had already been adopted, but there was this little black one that just kept barking and trying to get out. Yep, this puppy was going to be mine. He was too young to bring home that day, so I waited three more weeks. I already had a name for him . . . Blade. The day before we were to pick Blade up, the shelter called us and told us Blade had gotten parvo and was not expected to make it. Nearly all of his littermates died. I was very scared. It was a long week, but I finally got to bring Blade home.

It’s two years later, and Blade is now 108 pounds! He is truly my best friend. He follows me everywhere. He sleeps with me. He always listens to me when I’m feeling like no one likes me. He greets me at the door everyday when I come home from school. He never judges me, but likes me just the way I am. Maybe it’s because I worked so hard to get Blade, or maybe it’s because I almost lost him or maybe it’s because he’s Blade. Whatever the reason, he’s my friend forever.

Makenzie Utley

“My Very Special Pet”

My pet is really special. She’s a bird named Jay. I’ve always been able to depend on her because it feels like she understands me. I know this because when I talk to her she’ll nod her head to one side and look at me to hear what I am saying.

She even knows how to cheer me up. She has a ring that she sits in that has a bell on the top, and she’ll stick her head up in the bell so it’s a little yellow hat. That always makes me laugh.

She’s not special in just that way though. When my dad had to have surgery it landed right on my birthday, so my dad took me to a pet store, and I was allowed to take any pet, but out of all of them I took a little bird who I called Jay.

When she’s bored she’ll bang on her cage door pulling it up and down so she’ll get my attention. Since she can see the television from where she sits, any time she likes the music on television she’ll bob her head up and down.

She knows I really think she’s cute, so sometimes when I pass by the cage she’ll start bobbing her head up and down. She’s 4 years old now, so she’s getting older, but she still acts the exact same way.

That’s how Jay is really special and my best friend.

Theresa Sanders

“My Best Dog”

My dog Rocky is special to me because he is my pal.

I love him, and he is the only friend I have. He might make a mistake, but I still love him.

He’s my best friend in the whole world.

Andrea Taylor

“My Dog Diamond”

Diamond is a German shepherd.

My German shepherd, Diamond, is a very special dog. She is special because I love her in a special way. She is also special to me because she can get along with a lot of other pets, and that is what I like about her.

Sometimes I play catch with her or tug-of-war. That is her favorite game. I know that because I spend a lot of time with her. I am a good friend to my dog because we have a lot of fun together. We like a lot of the same things. My dog is a good friend to me because I know she cares about me, and we care about each other.

Tiara Archie

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