Matter of Record

Matter of Record

Marriage licenses

Peoria County

Thomas E. Stewart, 32; Leah J. Demetreon, 25; both Chillicothe.

Christopher M. Stewart, 37; Lisa M. Frank, 36; both Peoria.

Theodore Parker, 40; Debra D. Walker, 42; both Peoria.

Sergio A. Santizo Depaz, 35; Jami B. Schwindenhammer, 21; both Peoria.

Alexander W. Wilkins, 21; Sarah C. Briseno, 20; both Peoria Heights.

Ronald D. Tortat, 40; Donna P. Davidson, 44; both Peoria.

Tyler J. Winkle, 33; Christine R. Merchant, 38; both Peoria.


Peoria County

Hall, Jennifer and John D.

Moore, Shavonna J. and Lonnie

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