While Acrobat ships, Cardiff calls for open standards

While Acrobat ships, Cardiff calls for open standards

Don Fluckinger


annouced that it will support the three major e-forms formats that will either

be introduced or revised this year–PDF, XForms and Microsoft InfoPath.

Regarding e-forms, the worst thing a business can do this year–which will see

the release of Acrobat 6, the W3C’s updated XForms standard for HTML and

Microsoft’s InfoPath–is freeze and do nothing, says Cardiff Chief Technology

Officer Mark Seamans.

Cardiff, he points out, will be supporting forms

workflows that involve paper, PDF, XForms and InfoPath, not just one of

those–so businesses who want to jump into e-forms but don’t necessarily want to

go all-PDF right away have a choice. Furthermore, Seamans says, his company has

been working to promote open standards for the forms market–which means

cooperating with Adobe, Microsoft and the W3C–so that all the competing formats

can eventually work together.

“We have no vested interest in trying to

monetize the client and every desktop seat, we’re really providing

infrastructure for automating the forms processes around your organization,”

Seamans says. “As such, not only do we let you support whatever format that

works for you, but in many cases, multiple formats in an


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