Web-based faxing service aids regulatory compliance

Web-based faxing service aids regulatory compliance

Joanne Cummings

Webley Systems introduced an

Internet-based faxing service that lets users send and receive faxes securely —

without using a fax machine.

Webley said the new service, called

CommuniKate Fax, is aimed at organizations faced with complying with new

consumer privacy protection laws, such as the Health Insurance Portability

Accountability Act (HIPAA). That law requires that medical facilities, schools,

insurance companies and others secure private information, such as patient

records, medical reports, human resources documents and accident claims. With

traditional faxing, such information is sometimes left at the fax machine, open

for all to see. With CommuniKate Fax, no one but the e-mail recipient has access

to incoming documents.

“With our new service, you don’t have

to worry about who’s reading your documents,” said Darius Reneau, Webley’s chief

marketing officer. “Your information stays confidential and gets into the hands

of only the right people.”

How it works

The service lets users utilize their

existing e-mail accounts to send, receive and store faxes. Each customer

receives a unique toll-free number for receiving faxes. The service then

converts incoming faxes sent to the customer’s number into e-mail attachments,

which it then forwards along to the customer’s e-mail account.

CommuniKate Fax also lets users set up

rules for receiving and storing incoming faxes. They can set up separate e-mail

accounts depending on the area code of the fax sender, the time of day received

and other parameters in order to customize the incoming fax workflow, the

company said. All filtering and delivery requirements are set by the customer

via a password-protected Web site. The site also lets users access transmission

and detailed call reports, upload and manage distribution lists from computers

or handheld devices, store and retrieve previously faxed documents, and send

broadcast faxes.

CommuniKate Fax costs $11.95 per month,

plus eight cents per minute for all inbound and outbound faxes. There is no

charge for e-mail transmissions and no limit to the number of documents that can

be transmitted. For more information, visit Webley here.

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