PDF power for e-government

PDF power for e-government


agencies who are manually hooking up their business processes and content

libraries one document at a time now can dive into Infodata’s new software

solution based on its Compose API. Called the Content Assembly and Publishing

Solution for the Government and Intelligence, the new software allows team

collaboration on documents published to PDF, which can be updated “with little

or no human assistance,” according to a company statement.

“With the

release of our content assembly and publishing solution, we focus on the

specific pains agencies encounter when managing their content,” says Edwin

Miller, Infodata’s president and CEO. “The initiative of our content assembly

and publishing solution is to give people a new freedom when managing content

within libraries. With our solution, people can complete tasks across the

repository from within their ECM environment instead of going through the

laborious process of checking out and working on one document at a


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