J2 Global offers secure fax-to-e-mail via PDF

j2 Global offers secure fax-to-e-mail via PDF

Don Fluckinger

While the fax as a document-transmission technology is dying a prolonged,

excruciating death, some forward-thinking business users have signed up for

“Internet fax” services. Companies such as j2

Global, through its eFax service line, will

take faxes, convert them to TIFF or PDF, and send them to the customer’s e-mail

box as file attachments.


Some companies provide bare-bones conversions and delivery for free,

others offer more robust services for a monthly fee. Realizing that regulatory

issues–and the general need to for all companies to keep some business

documents confidential–j2 announced last week eFax Secure to its corporate

clients, which offers its fax-to-PDF service hosted in a secure Webmail box.

eFax Secure restricts access to faxes in manner compliant with several U.S.

regulatory laws, including HIPAA and GLB, making it appealing for financial,

healthcare, and legal entities.


“eFax Corporate is already an essential

messaging solution used by our customers to conduct business efficiently and

quickly,” says Hemi Zucker, chief marketing officer of j2 Global. “With the

addition of eFaxSecure, our customers now have an even greater assurance that

the contents of their faxes will remain protected, secure and


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