Hummingbird unveils new release of enterprise content management platform

Hummingbird unveils new release of enterprise content management platform

Nettie Hartsock

At its annual user summit held in Miami Beach, Fla., ECM solutions

provider Hummingbird Ltd. unveiled its Hummingbird Enterprise 2005 content

management platform, claiming it addresses three key market


The three requirements are managing end-to-end content life-cycle

processes within Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Explorer, Lotus Notes Desktop and

the Web Top, and from mobile devices; minimizing deployment complexities and

reducing total cost of ownership; and ensuring that critical business content is

traceable and auditable to help mitigate risk and enable regulatory compliance

and corporate governance processes.

Now how did the Canadian company narrow it down to those three market

requirements? According to Elizabeth Caley, senior director of project

management, who spoke to PDFZone following the close of Hummingbird’s summit,

the narrowing down consisted of logging a lot of miles on a 50-day tour of

customers’ companies. “We brought four to six people, and we interviewed over

400 folks,” Caley said.

“We flew from city to city in countries including Australia, Europe, U.S.

and Canada. This was the largest thing we’ve ever undertaken, but we wanted to

hear from our users what they wanted. It not only gave us context in what people

are interested in, but it also established contacts to help us in development

Web sessions. We could go back to some of those folks and ask them to try some

of the implementations out.”

Overall, Caley said, what users said they wanted were more desktop

capabilities and content management ease. “What a user wants is to work in the

applications they use every day, and we kept hearing the theme of more

simplicity and hide the technology, so that’s what we made our focus on this

release,” she said.

According to Gartner Inc. Research Director Toby Bell: “Regulatory

compliance, legal discovery and other needs have driven organizations to seek

access to and control over content enterprisewide. The typical organization has

many separate applications that generate documents and content, each stored in

dedicated repositories. To maximize the value of their application investments,

organizations need a single, comprehensive view of what’s there, simple access,

and the ability to distribute the content to various business applications and

to incorporate it in workflows.”

In addition to the new desktop clients for Microsoft Outlook and Lotus

Notes, desktop search capabilities, and hierarchical security for advanced

records management, Hummingbird Enterprise 2005 features a number of other

significant enhancements, according to the company, including:

automation of repetitive content management


enhanced e-mail management;

improved language support for metadata and

industry-specific solution templates such as contract management and

correspondence management;

secure IM on mobile devices; and

simplified API model for integration.

Caley noted that the beta program is shipping now and the general

availability for Hummingbird Enterprise 2005 is scheduled for the summer.

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