GoBinder merges PDF, Tablet PC for education market

GoBinder merges PDF, Tablet PC for education market

Don Fluckinger

“Digital ink” might have been science fiction a

decade ago, but its application has found far-flung uses as software vendors

hope their particular flavor of it finds widespread use. The education market’s

hot, as many companies are trying to hit on the right combination of

ease-of-use, lightweight devices, and price to entice teachers–and their

students–to adopt their solutions.


One company, Agilix Labs, turned heads last week

when its GoBinder 2005 won First Prize in the Microsoft-sponsored Tablet PC

Developer Contest. It can assemble documents from a number of applications

teachers and students commonly use, including those in PDF, PowerPoint, Word,

HTML, Flash, video, or other multi-media formats. GoBinder 2005 also works with

Microsoft Outlook and Palm devices to easily import and share calendar, task,

and contact details.


“When we first saw the Tablet PC, we knew immediately that digital ink in

the classroom would have a huge impact on teaching and learning,” says Curt

Allen, President and CEO of the Orem, Utah based Agilix. “We are pleased that

GoBinder demonstrates the benefits of the Tablet PC so well for students and

educators, and believe this award validates what we’re hearing from thousands of

customers who are using GoBinder to improve their grades, organize their

research, and mobilize their course management


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