Change PDFs to Microsoft Word and back

Change PDFs to Microsoft Word and back

Don Fluckinger

The Microsoft

Word plug-in PDF2Word ($99) is one-half of Cambridgedocs’ package that enables

Word users to edit PDF files via the word processor without requiring a copy of

Acrobat. Its partner in crime–logically, named Word2PDF–will be available in

the third quarter of 2003.

“These plug-ins demonstrate the power of XML

and XSL:FO within the enterprise, without ever showing the end user XML,” says

Irfan Virk, CambridgeDocs president and CEO. “We often find that our customers

have end users who want to unlock the information stored in PDF files but can’t

get access to them directly. They are already familiar with Microsoft Word and

don’t want to learn any other such items.”

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